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Phono pre amp

I have little to no experience with turntables . I do know, in my case, I needed a phono preamp. Picked one up and it has a grounding nut on it, but my receiver does not . Question , can I ground the preamp to one of the chassis screws on the back of receiver and be ok ? I would think a chassis screw would be as good as any ? Or maybe I do not need to ground ?

Thanks gents


  • Does it hum? That's all the ground lug is for. If no hum then enjoy.

    If you receiver only has 2 prong plug, the chassis is not ground but may be connected to signal common, so run a wire and touch the chassis and see if hum is better or worse.

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    The grounding lug is generally used to ground the turntable, if there is a ground lead in addition to the rca connectors.

  • OK , thanks for the info guys ! Honestly have not tried to hook anything up yet. Its a pain in the arse to get access to the equipment in the entertainment center. Wanted to check and hopefully knock it out in one shot and not have to go back in there.

  • Some turntables don't have the separate gnd, if you have a Rega for example.

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