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New tower speakers - making some particle board dust

The weather has been quite nice here lately so I started building a new set of tower speakers. I am only using drivers that I already had on my shelf. Hopefully I will also have all the crossover parts needed (especially the iron core inductors). I scored a killer deal on some 3/4" particle board shelving boards that were all damaged on one end. So far I only have $15 worth of particle board and glue invested in these B)

I still need to flush trim the baffles and apply 3/4" roundovers. Then on to my battery of driver measurements.

I have high expectations for these. The Peerless SDS-160F25PF01-08 models an F3 of 34 Hz in these towers and can do over 100 dB before breaching xmax. The RS150P-08's are very smooth through the midrange and have relatively low odd order distortion. The XT25TG's are one of my favorite sounding tweeters regardless of their affordable price. So hopefully all three will meld well. The baffles are removable, so in the future I could always make new ones to accommodate different drivers.

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  • I see you recess (just a bit) the clamping boards so the baffle evenly snugs to the box when screwed in.
    I'll need to keep that idea in my tool shed.

  • @tajanes said:
    I see you recess (just a bit) the clamping boards so the baffle evenly snugs to the box when screwed in.
    I'll need to keep that idea in my tool shed.

    If you set it up correctly, the weather stripping will be in the recessed area and not be visible from the outside, leaving a nice tight wood to wood joint showing.

  • If anyone cares, the net enclosure volume for the woofer is 33 L and the port is 6.20 cm in diameter by 6.25 inches long with a 1/4" roundover on each end. The midrange chamber is 5.5 L sealed and will have some 2" thick, semi-dense fiberglass mat on the rear panel with some addition 1" open cell foam sheet pieces and some light stuffing of poly fill. I like to do as much as I can to absorb the cone's rear wave but don't like fully/heavily stuffed midrange enclosures.

    I normally don't "cardinal" mount my drivers but I kinda had to because I need the woofer truncates on the sides to facilitate full 3/4" roundovers, and the five hole XT25 looks kinda weird mounted any other way...

  • IMO, the xt25 has a delicate and refined sound even if it is cheap'ish.

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    Lotsa love for Ring Radiators here too! Sure, I'd say I'm a fan.
    I've used a variant of the XT 3x now, and still have a couple more pair- (one pair of each) the TG30 and SC90.
    I used the SB dimple for the Missing Links.
    I used a Selenium DH200HM in my old 3-ways, which is also a RR compression driver.

    I also am an advocate for 2 screws at the bottom of the driver mount, or non-cardinal. Just one just looks funny except in a few cases. I likely would have rotated the RS150P 10 degrees, and stepped the Peerless' roundover to have it appear at 90* to current. But that's just me....

    Like the build, Craig! Gonna shoot for the most builds again this year?

  • I have wet the surface of particleboard and then sprayed it to get texture. Worth a shot if you ask me. I do it the same way as you would "raise grain" on hard wood. I think it looks nice and finishing is fast.

  • Craig, your mix of metric and 'murican measurements makes me happier than a bird with a French fry 😊

    Also, cool build.

    I have a signature.
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    I got the baffles flush trimmed and the 19.05 mm round-overs done. They look a bit narrower now, exactly 8.500" ;)

    Hopefully will get my measurements done this weekend.

  • So those Peerless SDS-160F25PF01-08 can dig that low and not distort at that high SPL ? These have been used in in numerous builds right?

  • They look really cool!

    The Peerless look very like the SDS160F25PR01; specs are very close although the Xmax is different: I've used them in some test builds and they sound really good. And that was with my alleged, un-measured crossover skills...

    Looking forward to the finished articles!


  • Upon further review I decided that I could get away with mounting the Peerless non-Cardinal. I visually can't tell it's 1 mm wider than the start of the round overs.

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    Honestly, I think they look better the other way.

    The flats overrule the screws with the baffle being that thin.

  • They look great to me!

  • There's an obvious solution to this problem...

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  • @Tom_S said:
    There's an obvious solution to this problem...

    Hmmm ... that gives me an idea.

  • Yep, better the other way. 6 hole Cardinal does not look bad to me. 4 hole Cardinal looks terrible.
    Another cool build by the way!

  • @Wolf said:
    I like the quad...

    Yeah. Me too!

    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
  • Quad for the win?

  • While I could physically fit four of those Peerless woofers on the baffles... they'd probably sound pretty awefull with the current enclosure size and port tuning. I guess if I could live with towers that were almost 4 feet deep... Bill?

  • Just use the 3 extra woofers as passive radiators and stuff the port.

  • Multiple PR usage has detriments. More PRs, higher tuning frequency, or more mass added. Usually, this gets to a point where the PRs will not take more mass and tuning cannot be lowered further.

  • These RS150P-8A drivers do not look the same or measure the same as the original RS150P-8 drivers I used in my Jonquils project. These new ones have a shiny coated "wet look" cone whereas the originals were just matt finished paper.

    After many hours of crossover sim work I have decided to ditch these Dayton drivers in favor of the much cheaper and smoother measuring Peerless 830656 5.25" drivers. Probably no copper in the Peerless motor. I'll let my mic and ears decide :-)

  • There isn't any copper in the RS paper drivers either.

  • Some new baffles are in the works:

  • Red Oak?

  • Those will be sweet! And you just gotta love the smell of a nice oak board being cut.

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