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Anyone used the sb20pfc 8" woofer?

This one... contemplating 2 a side for the woofer section of a 3 way floorstander... wondering if anyone has played with them yet? The pricing at solen is too good to pass up, so now I have 4 of them sitting here... along with other options, but those are better known. Anyone?


  • I have used its little brother, the SB16PFC30-8.  I built an MTM with the old RS28AS.  I believe your quad uses the same basic motor and cone material.  I thought they sounded nice.  They made really good bass in a 1 cuft vented enclosure.  I brought them to diy Iowa about 4 years ago.  No one made any comments about them to me, which I usually take away as "nothing wrong, but nothing spectacular".  I haven't modeled the 20's you have but would think they could be good for a 3 way. 
  • thanks! What would you compare the ones you used to? I'm assuming they're a lower class of driver than the round frame SBs or the Satoris, but not sure if they're comparable to say, Peerless nomex or SLS series...
  • I haven't used them, but they were tested by HiFiCompass.  There are a few threads about them over at PETT too.  The SB Acoustics site has round frame versions of this series of drivers in their "Coming" section.  I know some people don't care for the current frames.
  • And I used the even littler brother SB13PFC in a MTM.
    Sounded good, decent bass, smooth mids, but not in the same class as Peerless HDS or SB Satori.
    Good value, decent sound. Go for it.
  • Thank you both! Useful information.. I'm still weighing options, like many of you I have lots of drivers on hand and a case of analysis paralysis trying to plan out a big 'statement' 3-way. I'll post more details of the project and seek more general input as I get further along in the planning. 
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