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suggestions for 10 inch woofer, sealed enclosure

sealed enclosure (considering an aperiodic vented design)

low-end extension w/o eq  ~ 60Hz (or lower) range 

low-pass ~ 400Hz

A few I have been looking at;

Tymphany sdf-250F75Pr01-06

Morel MW 1058

Beyma 10BR60v2


I would appreciate input, as to date I have not worked with a sealed woofer design.  

Thanks in advance for suggestions and ideas.


  • Use the Low-pro Dayton 10" with a passive assist, and you'll get 40Hz sealed.
  • I have one of the Peerless Tymphany SDF-250F75Pr01-06 subwoofers.  It's a beast!  I've never seen such a large pole piece vent.  I have no idea how it sounds above 80 Hz.  I use it ported with a plate amp.
  • I would also take a look at the Peerless 830668.  I built a pair of WMTM's with my son using that 10" in about 1 cubic foot sealed.  It has very nice/clean bass and midbass and we crossed it over to the mids at about 400 Hz second order if I remember correctly.  I first heard that woofer in Paul's Carmody's Tarkus project which was kind of an odd ported alignment.  I thought it sounded ok.  But in this sealed box it sounds so much better.
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    Thanks for the suggestion (830668).  I'm good with the xmax (actually prefer its xmax vs the Tymphany sdf-250F75Pr01-06, as I'm not looking for a subwoofer thumper) and it's f3, it’s the 1.5 inch voice coil (a bit small) and the power handling that gives me some concern.  

  • I used the 668 free air in an H-frame. Minding the xmax, it sounded wonderful. 
  • I haven't used one (yet), but I have heard that the Eminence BP102 sounds good in a sealed box.  The Dayton RS270 looks like it would do well also.

  • The 10" Dayton DVC Sub (SD270) worked surprisingly well sealed in my Indium 7 design.  I crossed at around 750 Hz to a dome mid.
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  • Also consider the Peerless P835-016.
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