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How would you rear mount these?

I picked up a pair of these from the door prize table last year at DIY Iowa. I've been starting cabinet design for this project, and wanted to ask the more experienced woodworkers here for suggestions on how to do this without attaching a waveguide. Baffle thickness is set at .75 inches due to other constraints.


  • I'd make a face plate similar to the face plates Miniscus Audio made for the BG planar drivers. I buried Neo3 tweeters under a veneered cabinet using their plates.  I thought the aesthetics looked better with the small woofer I was using. Maybe you could make something like their plates out of thin plywood. 

  • I ordered some yesterday. I was hoping I could just turn the screws around and use a pan head screw. Make a thin metal or plastic trim plate and mount like a regular tweeter. My0.02
  • I think your idea would work.  The thin plastic might be to flexible. Aluminum would be good.  I'd probably recess.  Route a rectangular through hole, 45 degree chamfer, then free hand a recess on the back.  Spot recee for some new flat head screws.  Seal with 1/16 gasket. Use clips to holds the back side in the recess.

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
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