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Little sucka

What do you think of this little sucka?
5.5'' Kevlar

f(s) = 64.60 Hz

Q(ms) = 9.171

V(as) = 5.48 liters

n(0) = 0.26 %

M(ms) = 13.02 grams

R(e) = 6.86 Ohms

Q(es) = 0.544

SPL = 86.23 dB SPL 1W/1m

C(ms) = 0.47 mm/N

Piston Diameter = 108.0 mm

Z(max) = 122.45 Ohms

Q(ts) = 0.514

L(e) = 0.129 mH at 10kHz

SPL = 86.90 dB SPL 2.83 Vrms

BL = 8.16



  • How much and what colour does it come in? ;)
    My opinions are 100% factual
  • Still amazes me at how inefficient speakers are. 99.74% wasted as heat. Otherwise, another  nice looking unit from Rival?
  • edited September 1
    Need a good FR measurement, but distortion and specs look good. Like that highish Qms.
    Are you going to have one pair, or will this be available to the "unwashed masses"
    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
  • edited September 1

    I have a chance to get some but not sure yet. I was late in the game and others got there well before me. I’ll find out next week.

  • want
    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
  • I could love it. 😍
    ............. could you hum a few bars.
  • I guess we can assume you weren't able to pick any of these up?
    My opinions are 100% factual
  • I don't give up that easily.

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