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Amazon Music HD

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Any issues people have had / comments on this high res streaming service? 


  • I wonder if the lack of response is indicative of it's future. I would imagine most audiophiles are already invested in a streaming/download service and the general public doesn't care enough about the benefit to pay the premium.
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    I haven't done any measurements, but I subscribed and noticed a positive difference.  Count me very pleased.  I stream APTX HD to Auris BluME.
  • It looks pretty ok, not sure what sort of info you're looking for on it that isn't in the FAQ at Amazon. It's a bit cheaper than Tidal (at least in Canada) but I can't comment on the selection, or how many tracks listed at 24/192 are just re-sampled from the original CD audio. I have considered switching to Amazon music, with a prime membership it ends up a little cheaper than the competition at Spotify or Google Music. App interface looks extremely similar to Google Music that I've been using. Amazon music and video supports chromecast as well now so I can switch over and continue to use my existing hardware :)

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  • If you can download a track, loading it into Audacity will show pretty quickly if it was re-mastered at 24/192, or just resampled.
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  • As a prime member, cost is comp to apple music streaming.  I was interested not so much in what 'they say' but in anyone's acutal experience.  thx
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