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Open baffle design help.

Starting a new build, 3 way with an open baffle for the mid and tweeter. I started the woofer section today using a Dayton DVC 8 inch subwoofer for the low end. Dayton rs125 mid and the rt003c tweeter.
  I plan on using dsp for the crossover with a cap on the tweeter for protection.
   I'm borrowing very heavily from Paul's Sunflower and Siegfried 's many open baffle builds. 
  The baffle will be 11 1/2 inches wide and have a 3 inch "wing" going straight back. I hope to get the mid-woofer down to 300hz, and cross to the tweeter at 3k. 
  This is my first open back build and would love a sanity check.


  • ...and borrowing from my Stances as well?
  •  B)  The parts were too good to leave on the shelf any longer.
  • The crossover point, slopes from Ben's Stance would be a good place to start. That speaker sounds great.
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    my 2 cents; set your mid HP and measure (my sugestion for this 5 in would be try HP filter at 280Hz, keeping knee under 300Hz... I use 240Hz with a 6.5 in celestion coax)
    use your woofer with dsp to fit LP into the measured roll-off of the mid (slope and knee frequency)
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