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Speaker cable questions


Any concerns if I were to wrap my speaker cables in copper braid? 
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  • Not that I can think of. Planning on terminating one end? If you can get the braid large enough, let me know where so I might also be able to do this.
  • why? what would copper braid do - reduce interference or purely cosmetic?
  • Purely cosmetic. 
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  • They will probably turn green over time.
  • I'm assuming the product in question is treated, but I can't rule out greening. Patina is cool, though.
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  • The corosion on the copper might stain what it touches. Patina on the cabels would be cool, patina on the carpet might not be so cool.
    You might want to ground one end. If you ground both ends you might have a bad case of inductive coupling. To check the copper braid for inductive interferance you could measure the frequency on the copper braid and then again with a test signal being played to a set of speakers. If the frequency on the copper braid changes with the tone being played to the speaker then you have inductance interferance. 
      This would best be modeled physically by droping a magnet through a copper tube. See Lenz's law.
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