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UPS is sooo much fun

looking at running these Audio Nirvana's hpass ~300Hz, maybe with a DAudio RSS212HO for the low end

possibly trying a 1st order crossover, maybe giving a series crossover a go? thoughts on series vs parallel ? thx


  • I tend to favor series units....
    Nice looking mids ya got there!
  • edited November 2019
    There's no sonic advantage to series over parallel x-o.  Depending on the drivers, series can be more difficult as the part count goes up.  I'd put these on a baffle an see if you can get 1st order slopes through the x-o.  Probably decent OB if you can get a woofer up to 1K. 
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • These AN’s are small full range drivers, and as with most are limited to downside hence employing them for the 300+ range.  I have their 6.5’s and have posted actual freq measurements cleanly through 20K Hz.  I’m giving these a go looking to see how they comp at voice and high range.  But heck, not many of us beyond 40 somethings can hear 20K Hz, or 18K Hz, or…. (ouch the truth hurts).


    I’ll admit, I prefer to avoid placing crossovers into the ear’s highest sensitivity range (!-5K Hz) for having to manage all sorts of nasty reasons; phase, timing, playing same signal over two separated sources beyond ½ wavelength…  while a first-order can cleanly address the first couple of issues, the later is unavoidable (but generally of minimal affect)


  • AN S4+ at 1/3rd smoothing and eq'd.  Top line spl, bottom line phase

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