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Can I interest anybody in building a set of cabinets this year?

Despite the suggestions of wiser, experienced people, i've decided to proceed with Curt's Halcyons.

Can I engage anybody to build a flat pack or completed boxes per spec?  Preferably this year?  



  • I might be interested once the weather warms up.
  • Send Mike (D1PP1N) a PM.  He has a CNC machine and lives in Aurora, IL.  I'll text him to pop in here and check his PM's.
  • Thank you. Aurora would be great - 15 miles away. 
  • Mike is top notch.
  • kenrhodes said:
    Mike is top notch.
  • Well, Mike’s in recovery mode now and not available for this project. Does anybody else come to mind who might want to take on this project?
    Thanks for all the suggestions and guidance. 
  • Hey thanks for the compliments guys. Also, Sorry about missing all my pm's. Literally didnt see any notifications. I'm taking some time off of the cnc stuff. Had another mishap on a mtb and i am on the mend. Shoulder is kinda reinjured which really sucks because it was just starting to feel okay with no pain. 
  • Healthier hobby my arse Mike!  Lol ;)
  • Haha, i was doing good I lost 15 lbs until i got hurt. 
  • Hey mike, get well soon.... it's winter anyways, so hopefully take some time off and rest up!
  • Alan, try Roman on this forum.... @R-Carpenter ;
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