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Fs: Exodus Audio Maelstrom X18 Sub (or driver)

Going to dual SI 15's in my theater so I'd like to find my Maelstrom a new home. It's mounted in a 6 cu ft downfiring cabinet and was powered by my bridged EP2500. I bought this several years ago new and I'm the original owner (still have the receipt filed somewhere). I take exellent care of my equipment so I can assure you that this driver has never been abused.

I'd be willing to sell off just the driver because the cabinet is over 1-1/4" thick MDF wall construction with a 1-1/2 baffle so it's very heavy (in excess of 85 lbs with driver). I'd be willing to meet a buyer within a radius of 120mi from zipcode 61704 (central Illinois).
Looking for $400 for complete the sub or $230 for just the driver. The amp is not included. I'll try to upload some photos...........

Anyone interested?


  • is the enclosure sealed or ported?
  • After scrounging around for some of my documentation, I came across some of my sub's build notes.

    I have to make a correction to the OP......... The sub is actually in a 5 cu ft. sealed enclosure (after subtracting for bracing & driver displacement). 

    Still got to take the base off to shoot some photos..................
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