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Oaktron by Misco

Looks like since acquiring the old oaktron name, Misco is using it to peddle a variety of raw drivers. Some actually look really nice and fairly priced, like some of the 6.5” and 8” offerings. They have a cheap dome tweeter with a 700hz fs and smooth response (from what I can tell from the tiny graph at the bottom of the screen). Link is below for your viewing pleasure.


  • I saw that a few weeks ago, and I am wondering what Mark thinks of a few of those drivers being sold factory direct. 
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  • I mean, looking at specs they are not the same as what Mark sells, but they are visually the same. Hmm. 
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  • Yeah you’re not kidding. I didn’t pay that much attention before to notice that four ohm 6.5 is certainly a twin to the eclipse unit (which is a beautiful driver imo).
  • Interesting. I'll prolly try the carbon/poly 6.5 at some point, but, yeah there is a definite resemblance for the eclipse units.
  • Interesting stuff there.  Please post if anyone buys off their website.
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
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    This 8 looks to have a really smooth roll off, probably make a really nice driver for an 8” two way.

    Also, for any single driver fans, this has one of the cleanest responses I’ve seen for an 8” full range. It’s expensive but you might not have to beat the hell out of it with notches to get it to sound ok.

    The last thing I need is more projects / drivers (especially since becoming completely addicted to building my own), but some of their drivers look really tempting to try.
  • 10dB/div vertical scale can be misleading.
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