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computer requirements for Passive Crossover Designer

I’m looking at setting up either a Parallels Desktop or Boot Camp on my Mac, and was curious as to, with its (PCD) macros…, if it’s enough to have a system be able to run excel, or if it needs to support Windows XP or Vista, or? 

An additional option may be to purchase a small reconditioned computer- as such can Chrome Books Microsoft Surface run this software?



  • The last version of PCD works with Excel 2016, windows version only.

    Chrome books are useless for pretty much any task other than a web browser. If you want to purchase a computer on the cheap get a used real one, not a chrome book or any other ARM based device.

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  • are you planning to use PCD? then you need excel 2007 and that runs only on some form of windows - 7 or 10. Any other software, then you need to see what is required OS wise. Chrome books only run apps from google - so it can run sheets or excel app but not full desktop excel. Surface Pro, with windows 10 home or pro is good, the surface go with windows 10 S mode only runs windows store apps which is more pathetic than Chrome books - if you upgrade to windows 10 home or pro, then you are good to go

    Parallels is your cheapest option with windows 10 and find some old copy of excel 2007. 
  • thx for info, I’m a Mac user but sometimes need to do a litt’l dos’ing...
    I tried to download it at the office- but w macro’s it was rejected 
  • Will WinPCD or Xsim will run on a virtual machine? Those don't need Excel at all. I just tried to launch VMware Fusion to try on my Macbook - it's hanging up. I haven't used it in a few years, so it's probably out of date with my current OS. 
  • Sure, they'll run in a VM, as will most any software. For years I've run PCD and other old spreadsheets on a WinXP VM with Excel 2003.
    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • Good to know! Thanks!
  • I haven't used Jeff's PCD for years.  Once DR came out with WinPCD and Xsim came out I've had no reason to look back.  I surely do though appreciate what Jeff did and gifted to all of us.
  • I still use PCD as you can't do multiaxis in one sim with Xsim, and WinPCD doesn't do SXO xovers. I still think that was a terrible omission. It's one thing to improve a program, and another to reduce its functionality.
  • WinPCD seems to be ~running via parallels - thx all
    Is it possible to create driver file freq & imp files (from REW, or?) for those that are not available? 
  • edited December 2019
    yes (from a post @ REW)
    Open the measurement in REW. Click the File Menu / Export and then ‘Measurement as text’.  You must add the file extension to the name. For example a woofer frequency file would be named woofer.frd 
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