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Get familiar with the reaction system: Introducing the Reaction System

Ak Ak Ak

edited December 2019 in DIY
Rival R176-P-08 different version.


  • Looks extremely smooth and easy to work with!


  • It certainly looks pretty sweet. It would be nice if they could get rid of that dip at 1K though.
  • I know it's -40dB/1%, but that 2nd order HD hill at 1-1.5k could be audible since nothing else is that high throughout the band. The one at 4.5kHz will be rolled off. The corresponding dip/peak also might be an audible blemish.
  • Could be the bottom end of a small 3 way or a smooth mid on a large 3way with a horn. The build quality is amazing and the looks are to die for IMO.
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