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Skills assessment question help

I've been studying up for a skills assessment test that I must take ASAP for a possible job interview and the level2 switch challenge is giving me fits.  Easy enough to figure out the level1 tests but level2 ... I get 4,1,3,2 and that's not an option.  After the top row runs through the 1342 filter the objects are then arranged square, triangle, plus, circle.  To result in the bottom row outcome would need a 4132 filter.  Now if the original values of square1, circle2, triangle3, and plus4 are retained throughout the first filter, I get 2143 for the second filter.  ???         



  •  Oh come on guys ...
  • I'll look closer tomorrow, hard to see on a single malt filtered phone screen ;-)
    I have a signature.
  • edited February 6
    I have no idea if it’s right but I get 2431

    Here is how I came to that, if you can follow this mess..(and read my chicken scratch)

    You would definitely need to apply the same logic to a same question with different orders to see if it is right. Don’t bank on this solution as I’m terrible at math!
  • I'm screwed. 
  • Boy came up with 2431 by working from both ends.  Working from top; square1, circle2, triangle3, and plus4 filter1342 results in square, triangle, plus, circle.  Working from bottom up; circle1, square2, plus3, and triangle4 then applying filter 2431 results in square, triangle, plus, and circle.  They meet in the middle.  I comprehend this method but is it correct?       
  • Well both our ways came to the same answer so that’s promising. I honestly have no idea. If it wasn’t multiple choice I would have come up with the same first answer you did. I tried a bunch of different things and the way I sent was the only thing I could come up with that yielded one of the three possible solutions.
  • Do you have another same question with a different order and different possible answers that you could plug both theories into and see if it still yields a plausible result?
  • Boy is also questioning his logic.  Have to work Saturday so I'll practice a bit more, get to bed early and hit the assessment Sunday morning.  Thanks for the help dynamo.     

  • Not sure I was any help but no problem, it was kind of a fun exercise.
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