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AXPONA this year?

Anyone planning on going this year?  It's April 17th - 19th.  I've never been, but am seriously considering attending so I can hear the Linkwitz speakers.  Hopefully they'll have both the LXmini and LX 521.4.  In a perfect world both Dutch & Dutch and Kii would be attending (they aren't), but I've always wanted to hear Siegfried's work.


  • I am planning to be there...
  • Since I am moving the next few weeks, not sure I can swing it. 
    I have a signature.
  • I do not plan to attend.
  • With Axpona the week before InDIYana, I won't be there. Two weekends in a row is too much from a family perspective.
  • I'll be there friday
  • Ed, I built a pluto clone with a mini dsp, peerless sds woofer, and whisper tweeter/mid. I'm sure his are better than mine but I was really impressed with what I acheved so quickly. A lot of the documentation is on his site a clone really isnt too hard to do; and I highly recomend.
      I have been seriously considering rebuilding a pluto delux using a better woofer and full-range let me know if you want the whisper tweeters.
  • I really just want to hear Siegfried's take on how speakers should sound.  Just like I would like to hear John K's Nao Note speakers for the same reason.  Unless, of course, I have one of those OMG moments.  :)
  • Ed, come to indy this year and you can get your fill of OB and omni. 
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
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