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Desktop build question

So I am going to use these Rival woofers I got from Gowa and make a smallish desktop build - my question is what changes to the crossover would one make for a desktop build as opposed to a floor stand? Is it wise to take measurements with the speaker in it's place on a desk?


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    Personally, I use the same design criteria regardless of intended location, which allows the desktop speaker to be easily used elsewhere.

    With Windows use equalizer APO to equalize for the desk location, in Linux you can use Pulse effects to do the same. For my G8 build I use EQ to adjust the bass "weight" as well as a peak and a notch to correct the desk reflection and resonance. Regardless of installation location, whether desktop or HT or wherever, a little EQ can make a big difference, and is much more easily done with an EQ than trying to incorporate all that to the crossover design. You can use you ears as a guide and tweak the response until you're blue in the face, with no added cost.

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  • I'll reduce the baffle step about 3 dB less if measured on a stand.  If I measure on a desk I'll use that response.  If you are using the blender measuring on the desk is not much of an issue.  If you are not using the blender, a stand measurement and reduction will get you closer imo. 
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  • Physics seems to be the biggest problem with desktop systems. If the speaker sits on the desktop the tweeter is too low. Place it on stands and you run the risk of nasty woofer bounce. Tilting the speakers back might be a good compromise. 
  • Thanks guys👍
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