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Does anyone have a spare Rival R176-P woofer?

As the title says, I'm looking for a single Rival R176-P, just like used in Wolf's Fenrir and Javad's Rivalries.

One of my hypex plate amps decided to blow out, and burned out one of my drivers to boot :(  I was lucky to be there when it happened, otherwise a fire may have resulted.

I was prototyping a new design with the R176p and the SB29RDC, which was a great combo, for the 3 days I had with it before the amp decided to shit the bed. I would just swap in another of my Rival woofers, but the cabinet is a TL designed specifically for this driver, and I don't know if any of the others are a direct drop-in in terms of box tuning.

Any help would be appreciated!


  • No woofer to offer but I though the Hypex stuff was supposed to be top notch? 
  • Kornbread said:
    No woofer to offer but I though the Hypex stuff was supposed to be top notch? 
    So did I. Unfortunately can no longer recommend the fusion series amps; I bought a pair of fa123 plate amps after hearing they're 'best in breed'. Technically, I think this is true, the amps and DSP are really great. Unfortunately one of the two was DOA. I sent that back (at my cost) for warranty service, got it back from Holland after a few months. They worked well for a few months, then the same one died taking the Rival with it. Now I'm looking at having to send it back again for another round, and am out an expensive woofer. 

    In case it wasn't obvious from my post above - I'm fully expecting to pay or trade for the spare anyone might have. I realize these are hard to come by now so am just hoping on the off chance someone has one. 
  • Did you contact RAD to see if they have one?
  • Was that the nCore or older ucd module?  I'd bet they've sold a ton of both models.  IIRC, the amp modules are made in China then go to hypex for final inspection. 
    It appears some do indeed have problems with them  one issue is protection circuitry that does not work quick enough and the aftermath.  Wonder how hypex would feel about being questioned on this?
    And I was wanting to go with the nCore but willing to settle on the ucd.  Maybe not.                 
  • It's the Ncore, the FA123. Maybe I'm an outlier, I don't know. I just know it's really put a damper on my project delaying it close to a year at this point, and I'm glad I didn't have a berillyium tweeter hooked up to it... 
  • Gowa said:
    Did you contact RAD to see if they have one?
    Not directly; site says they're sold out, and the new pricing is more for a single than I paid for two, so I shelved that idea. Maybe someday I'll be able to swing that much for a midwoofer, but the current financial situation makes it a no go today... 
  • yes, @Gowa had some terrific deals on the RAD (and sometimes does now too).
  • edited April 2020
    ani_101 said:
    yes, @Gowa had some terrific deals on the RAD (and sometimes does now too).
    Indeed he did, and I took advantage of many of them. I think I have 8 or 10 pairs of 7" rival woofers here, unfortunately all different models so no help for my current situation. They really were unbelievable values for the prices they sold for; I got the full Fenrir kit from RAD and it was a great deal, especially for us canadians!

    The current pricing is less so; I'm sure there's good reasons for it and I don't fault the new owners at all. The drivers are still great quality. They're just not as compelling when you can get SB ceramic 7"ers for 30% less, and the rohacell versions for 20% less, esp since you can be fairly confident you'll be able to find replacement parts and drivers for those going forward. 
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