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Sansui upgrade project

My good friend Dan bought these babies new back in the 80"s.  His kids poked in the dust caps, he's at some point replaced one of the woofer due to surround rot.  This fall he hooked them up to an old Marantz receiver he acquired and poof!  No more workie.  Anyway he asked me if I could get them working again for his shop tunes.  I instantly thought of JR's Le-Singe-Sarcophage design.  Dan agreed so I ordered the parts today. 

I love how they tried to make the little paper cone tweeter look like a ribbon.  The crossover was one ferrite cored, 22 gauge, coil and two NPE caps. 


  • Was wondering why it looked like a ribbon and then looked like a paper tweeter.  Bean counters ...   
  • It’s convincing. I saw the first pic and thought ooooo cool a ribbon!
  • I believe I heard this JR design in Iowa when Grey Warden brought a pair.  Right guys?

    These 5/8" thick particle board cabinets are so crappy.  I think a few braces and some more stuffing will definitely help too. 
  • How about gluing in some 1/4" Hardie backer (cement) board along with braces.  
  • Yep, he brought his pair in natural plywood. 
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  • ....when Sansui wasn't so Sansui. You could throw a blender full of marbles in there and do better than that.
  • I made a couple of adapter plates to mount the Dayton tweeters using the existing holes.

  • those look nice - anodized machined aluminium? looks more expensive than the tweeters....!
  • I machined them from some scrap 3/16" CPVC sheet stock we have at work.  Then I shot them with some expired military black paint and baked them for a few hours to cure.
  • surprisingly similar
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • I guess the picture doesn't show it very well.  The GRS's magnet is about twice the size of the original.  Stamp steel frames are roughly the same.  Original has vent holes in the cone below the dust cap.  The GRS has a vented pole piece.
  • I had to fill in the screw holes that were for those cheesy silver driver covers/frames.  So I gave the baffle a nice heavy coat of Duratex.

  • Bet it sounds a lot better than the original. 
  • I never heard when they were original.  I listened to them for a while yesterday.  First out on stands about 4 feet from the wall.  Just as JR said in his writeup, no BSC.  They sounded well balanced when I moved them back to the wall.  I think Dan will really enjoy them.  100 times better than almost any shop system.  I'm delivering them to him tonight.
  • I didn't take a picture but they are completely filled with R13 fiberglass insulation.
  • Gotta beat those woofers up a bit, they will really let go after a few minutes of bass heavy music. 
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    Didn't say if your buddy Dan is an audioholic kind of guy or normal.  Either way, I think he'll be impressed.    
  • He is a very talented musician.  Plays several instruments and has a great singing voice.  He is also a gear head!
  • Odd thing, my wife and her entire family were brought up singing and playing some kind of musical instrument, generally the piano, and I don't think  you could get any of them to just sit down and listen.  Music playing in the background while working on something, sure, but sitting down and listening, nope.   
  • Maybe it's because he builds his own electric guitars and basses, as well as some for other people.  I can tell from his comments about some of my own speaker designs he's heard that he really listens.  I did a pair of small bookshelfs for his youngest son and he brought over his own music and helped with the final voicing.  He's come back to the sound board at Church and given me suggestions when I'm running FOH and he's playing/singing on stage.  And did I mention he has a 68 Firebird and a road racecar he does for his wife?  ;)
  • He paid for the drivers....  the rest was pro bono.
  • His wife's a road racer? wow you don't hear that to often.
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
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    Yes she is.  Before last season she only auto crossed her daily driver (a newer VW GTI).  He would change brakes, slap on sticky tires, and tell her to go out and get after it.  He says she always babied it because it was her "baby".  He bought her an older GTI with a full cage and race motor and now she drives that thing like she stole it!!!!!   =)  My family and I go watch whenever we can.  Makes me a little jealous that I built my car for 1320 straight feet at a time.  Road racing looks so fun, but a lot more expensive...  Either form of racing is a LOT more expensive than building speakers!  And way less safer  :o
  • Probably have close to 200 slips in the suby glove box but spent only one day on a short road course.  Gotta say I agree with her, the road course is freakin' awesome. 
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