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piCorePlayer all in one.

I'm finally back in the US and had some time between work calls to set the PI as a standalone LMS/player.

PI3, 2GB microSD, HiFiBerry DAC+, 250GB SSD, USB 3 to SATA cable and HDMI cable in case you can't use your router to see the IP of the PI.

All I'm missing are cables to hook the speakers, so tested with a O2 headphone amp.
So to set it up, download the files from
I got the newer 6.0.0 Standard.
You will need to "burn" the image in the SD, if you are in windows win32 Disk Imager will get you trough.

Once completed, insert in the PI, connect ethernet, your USB storage and boot the PI. 
Find the PI IP, if you have access to your router it will list as picoreplayer, if not, you can connect the PI to a monitor and the screen will list the IP:

If none of those options are available, an IP scanner might do the trick.
This thing uses a tinyCore distro and uses a 64 MB File System, I do not know if it is needed, but I always resize it to the whole size of the SD.
This is done from the Main Page "Resize file system" option.

Since I'm using a PI3 it has onboard WiFi and it is easy to configure:
The only thing I noticed is that step 7 is better done by shutdown from "Main Page", the unplug ethernet, then power cycle. Just write the IP before shutting down.

Now using the wireless IP you can select the DAC you are using from the Squeezelite Settings menu, it is a simple drop down.

And then install LMS, click on the LMS menu and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on BETA:

This will give you the option "install LMS on pcp".

Once installed, start it and select the USB storage to be mounted, if it is formatted as NTFS you will need to install the additional File Systems.

You select the mount point name, A works. By defult the LMS cache is set in the boot partition (SD), I prefer to use the USB drive. Just select it and click on Move LMS Data.

After that all you need to do is click on configure LMS, the main stuff there is to set the media folders, once done you are set.

This is headless, so once set up, you do not need to do much, other than adding files and re scanning the folders after that.
I use orange squeeze app to control it. But there others. If you keep track of the IP, you can use the web player built in.

Anyway, need t get some cables to get some tunes.



  • Got some lamp cord and recycled a box to child proof it a bit. 

  • I like PiCorePlayer a lot, because there is no chance of file system corruption. LMS is a very nice addition also.
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