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Omnimic v1 vs v2

Hi folks; like the title says - someone is selling omnimic but it's v1. I can't find any specifics about what was improved from V2. Does anyone else recall? 

Beyond that; if I already have a CSL calibrated umik and access to REW, arta, vituixcad, xsim etc... is there anything that omnimic v1 brings to the table that I'm missing right now? 


  • I think the only difference is the usb connector. V1 used a crappy micro usb that was hard to line up in a hole, v2 used a type B connector.

    The biggest advantage is that the Omnimic provides absolute SPL, which may be very useful in certain situations. Other than that is just the simple plug and play software, freely available so go ahead and download the software and read through the help file, that should give you a good idea of whether it's worth the investment.
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  • Thanks, I did't realize your could play with the software without the device. I will probably give it a miss then; it may just be a case of me not knowing what I don't know, but I am not seeing a use for absolute SPL for me, at least I haven't missed it so far. 
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