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  • Wolf said:
    Yes- great tweeter!
    How low can it cross?
  • I'm pretty sure it's been used in many commercial projects, I haven't used it as it's expensive in Oz, but it seems well regarded:


  • I haven't used it myself, but it sounds great. My guess is 1.8kHz minimum.
  • edited May 11
    Nice tweeter. I used one with a poly 6” dynavox. Despite the low fs and bigger chamber they still buzz if crossed too low. Even at 1.8khz I’d still cross steep. Listening will determine if you need an fs notch beyond that. 
  • Yep- that's what I figured verbatim.
  • IIRC, it is nearly the same as the tg30.  With the xt25tg, I thought it made a difference in the tone of some voices and wound up notching the fs.  IMO and limited experience, it has a refined sound on top, not as detailed in the lower treble as the rst28a but it doesn't peter out before reaching the top end either. 
    They've been a few small changes but for the mots part, this is where things settled in on the Sadies. 
  • Looks like quite a difference from the ScanSpeak Discovery R2604/8330 Tweeter.
  • From what I found scouring the net on the bg60, distortion was a little better but other than that, they didn't look much different.  What are you finding out about them?  
  • I was told by a friend that the low-end distortion is better in the Scan.
  • Does the H2 look crazy high or the H3 / 4 /5 are so low. but H2 is still -40 at 2k which is pretty good...

    Which order is more critical or rather more objectionable? 
  • Odd orders are not pleasant, and even orders are. Typically you want low 3rd order and higher orders, and maybe a touch of H2 at the most (or less) to keep them pleasing to the ear.
  • IIRC, even order distortion is what helps make tube electronics more pleasing to the ear. 
  • Yeah, I got one right!  I remember one of those tubes that Tom sent for the preamp build, no bass or top end to speak of, and Tom said it was probably on its way out, but female voices were bloody awesome.  Guessing the distortion it generated was a ear pleasing type of distortion.         
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