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Clamp rack

So I finally managed to get my collection of clamps sorted and organized. Took up park of the closet in the basement, but now they are off the floor being a tripping hazard...

There's about 6 36" clamps, 20 24" clamps, 4 18" and 18 12" clamps hanging. The 12" ones are on the lower racks.

Now I need to find a system for my parallel clamps...



  • Were the quick grips on sale at some point?😁
  • Sometimes, but I found the F clamp leave small indentation on hardwood and mdf when tightening. The quick grips had larger surface area and has a rubberised plastic foot so more gentle clamping?

    I like Jorgensen clamps mechanism better, but not easily found. The Irwin are more easily found and sometimes on sale.  These take care of most small boxes, the 12 inches are more preferable than the 24", if it fits. I have 4 50 inch bar clamps, 2 40 inch and 4 24 inch bar clamps for bigger floor standers, but find them too heavy and takes longer to setup, but definitely gives more square results... I have a bunch of other plastic squares for clamping, but nothing seems to be foolproof.
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