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More Nice Stuff for Sale

edited June 22 in Classifieds
1) 1 pair of Satori MR13P-8 Midrange (black)  Only mounted for testing--went with the 6in for cosmetic reasons.  $125+shipping
2) 1 pair Rival R176-KVC-08  $60 + shipping (New)
3) 1 pair Transducer Lab N26MGR-A tweeters Only mounted for testing (round mount / includes protective grill) $135 + shipping
4) 1 pair Audax AM210Z2 These are 8 inch Aerogels (will throw in a third that tests out of spec) NOS $65 + shipping
5) 2 pair Scanspeak Revelator 22W/8857T-00 8" Woofer (Aluminum made for Thiel).  Will also include a 5th with a dented dustcap which measures fine.  I tested these against the consumer version while I had a pair and free air parameters were exactly the same.  The only difference is the missing rubber cap over the magnets.  $580 + shipping  -- Willing to split up if I have buyers for both.

Listing it her first before it goes on the other forums.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Cheers!


  • Lusting after those Satoris - great price!
    But trying desperately to bring my stocks.
    Good luck.
    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
  • Thanks man, it may be tough.  I'm stuck on two other projects--1) A monkey coffin with Transducer Lab N26, MR16PNW, and DIYSG Magnum 12.  Targeting 91-92db / 40hz.  Shockingly, my wife liked the design better than the Revelator Tower (Sony SS-AR1 look).  2) The other one is a 2-way with the SB Audience NERO-12MWN400D only because I want to see what all the high efficiency fuss is about, and so we can have "social-distanced" outside movie nights in the neighborhood.
  • Curious where you are shipping from?  I might be interested in the pair of Rival R176-KVC-08.  Then I would have a quad for a killer MTM.  Thanks!
  • Interested in where you are shipping from.  I might buy the Rival R176-KVC-08 pair.
  • That would be awesome! Greenville SC.  
  • edited June 12
    Transducer Lab tweeters pending.
  • What's shipping on the Audax to 47150
  • edited June 12
    What's the story on the audax? These are not the HM series and I couldn't find anything on AM series

    Found it, looks good, was searching by wrong model no...
  • 6thplanet said:
    What's shipping on the Audax to 47150
    Haha knew that was coming...
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • edited June 13
    $25 shipping Audax.  I will provide shipping receipts.  21 lbs 18 x 12.5 x 10in. The AM models are basically the HM with shielding.
  • Audax sold.
  • Transducer Lab tweeters sold
  • Come on, someone take those Satori's or Rivals!
  • mmmmmaybe ....
  • I will take a pair of the ScanSpeak Revelator 22W/8857T-00 for $290 if someone wants to buy the other pair?
  • If the Satoris are still available I'm interested...
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • edited June 14
    Satoris pending to someone---two messaged right around the same time.  Trying to resolve :-(
  • Fantastic pricing!!
  • Still holding onto the R176-KJ-08 but I'm starting to get the feeling they were a one off :-(
  • edited June 14
    Revelators pending.  Satoris sold.
  • I would take the Rivals but shipping to canada would be way too much :'(
  • Someone take the rivals!

  • Rivals are sold. ☺
  • Glad it's all gone... The itch was real bad! 
  • ani_101 said:
    Glad it's all gone... The itch was real bad! 
    goodness hope it wasnt ..... THE ITCH
  • edited June 15
    Not sure if rivals fell through.
  • If the Rivals fall through, let me know.
  • Sorry, I was offline for a while. Payment sent.
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