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Pro Sound Build Ideas and Help Needed

I would like to tackle a Pro sound high SPL Build. This is new for me and quite different from the usual 2/3 way small bookshelves/floor standers that I usually build.

So, to state the goals for this build and for my learning....
1. Pro sound high SPL design
2. Not just high SPL, but high fidelity too (since at the end of the day this will be still used in the home environment)
3. Would like to try compression drivers and horns

I hope to make it to Iowa this year and hopefully JR brings along the PHL 15". So this then becomes the anchor for the bottom end of the build. I was planning to go with a 3 cubic feet vented enclosure about 18" wide, 9-10 deep and 36-40 tall depending on the box model and what else needs to go in the box, f3 in the mid 40's or so...

Recently I acquired a pair of 1.4" compression drivers, if they can be used, great, if not will look at other options - everything else is open ended at this point. The PHL can take a 2" compression driver since it can be used as a coax, so using a 1.4" to 2" adapter is a possibility.

I can go passive or active and have high powered pro amps to power these and a bunch of mini DSPs and can hammer XO and responses into shape.

so, questions:
- Is there something I need to look at specifically design wise or treat it like an usual large build
- Lots of question regarding CD and horns and types and what does what and what should i go for
- Does this have to be a 3 way - the CD seems to start rolling off around 12k, is a super tweeter needed / required / or usually omitted

so, where do i start and what do i look for? The actual build will happen in fall, but i wanted to get a head start since this has a lot of unknows for me.

Thanks Ani


  • Ani -
    I scored a pair of 15 inch PE PN395 woofers last year (97 dB), and have been kicking around the same kind of build.
    I'm looking at a 3 way, but lots of guys mate a 15 inch woofer to a horn and a compression driver.

    You need to identify your target max SPL and efficiency.
    If you might build a 3 way, Beyma makes some great 8 and 10 inch mids. Smooth, low distortion.
    PRV, Faitalpro and B&C also look good on paper, but basically no one ever is dissatisfied with Beyma sound quality.
    Jeff Bagby mentioned on FB that high QMS drivers have better low-level detail capabilities if that might be important to you.

    Interested in your process/build.

    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
  • 15" for a two way is short of stretching it on all fronts. Xo point of 1k is bit high for 15"". While for the CD some horns have the min XO at around 900hz and the FS of the 1.4 CD is 600, so maybe a bit close - but this is pro audio and in a horn, so the same low XO limitation doesn't apply?
  • Some details on the Woofer and CD.

    PHL 15" Coax with 2" Throat (product spec sheet):

    Eminence 1.4" CD (DATS measurements of the actual pair of drivers)

    Product Literature and Voicecoil review of the eminence 1.4" CD:
  • My Eminence Kappa 15 LFA had similar specs. It was less than satisfying to put in a big box to extend the FR below 40.  I should have used a smaller box and targeted an F3 of 50 Hz.

    I tried a 3-way where the mid had to much overlap with the Kappa. I would have been better off pushing the x-o to 1,200- 1,500 Hz in a 2-way.  I used the Selenium 220Ti in the SEOS-12, I thought the SEOS had less honk than any of the other horns I've used.  One annoyance of the high sensitivity tweeter was the open source (not playing source) hiss on my system.

    The Selenium had plenty of top end air/ energy where no super tweeter was required.  I've got two CD projects that are on the design board.  Both look like sealed stage monitors or small HT LR mains.
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
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