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How low can the Hi-Vi DMB-A 2" mid go?

I want to pair this HiVi mid with an MCM-55-5670 8" woofer. A friend wants a pair of 8" 3-ways and likes dome mids. I have the woofer and it looks pretty good in a test box I built. My concern is the dip at 800 Hz working with a mid the Fountek says you should cross no lower than 800 Hz. MCM's graphs show the dip at 800 too.



  • Both of the DMB-A and DMN-A are good to about 850Hz, and maybe 800Hz steeper. You will have to damp the Fs going below 900Hz pretty much in any application. I used a full LCR on the DMN-A in the NEHDs, and xovered 2nd order electrical on both ends; HP at 850Hz. Main differnece is that one is ferrite and the other NeFeB.

    You'll find a lot of 8" woofers have dips and energy storage right in that range, some worse than others. That in mind- I think you could pull this off.

  • Thanks Wolf. I thought it was doable but wanted a reality check from someone who's had experience with the HiVi dome.

  • Hi Ron.  How wide is your baffle?  I plan to pair my DMB-A domes with Peerless 830668 10" woofers, sealed box, on a 12" wide baffle with 3/4" roundoverd.  My initial measurements and sims point me towards a LR4 xo at 900 Hz.

    On a side note, I think you will really like those MCM woofers.  What alignment do you have in mind for them?
  • I haven't got to designing the box yet. All I know is it will be 1 cu.ft. and the ports a little long for a box that size. I definitely plan on having a round over. I'm leaning toward a box like I used for the Cherry Pi's but with the woofer on what was the side. Put round overs on all four corners of the tops and sides, wrap veneer all the way around, leave the back flat and do a round over all the way around the front panel. Imagine this box form with a woofer where the router is, no trim on the back panel and a round over instead of a chamfer all the way around the front baffle.

    I haven't got around to alignments or crossovers yet but there is talk of doing a combination of active and passive around a MiniDSP 2x4HD. I'm doing these for a friend who has designed and built a lot of speakers ages ago. He knows a lot and may have some input on the design choices. He's probably the smartest person I know. 

  • Active + passive 3 way with those drivers = awesome results!!!!
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