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thoughts on the Emotiva MC-700 7.1 pre/processor ? or alts?

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I looking to set up a living room system with the option of 2 rear channels (ceiling mounted) for back-fill when listening to music / tv concerts / movies.  Not wanting to have a center channel (nor looking for a AV Receiver, I’ll use my separate amps) as I’m happy with my current stereo speakers’ front imaging / presentation.  This Emotiva unit can be set for 2+2 (+/- sub) and I can trim the rear channels low (or off) for music (vs. their more standard surround level for movies). 

For the first time I will be getting my speakers in the same room as the tv (now that’s a big step in my WAF life)…

Any experience with this unit, thoughts as to sound quality as a pre?  (I’d luv to go with the Acurus unit, but its multiples $).  




  • Just thinking out loud.  Aragon was considered the poor man's Krell, and Acurus the poorer man's Aragon with both having D'Agostino lineage.  As Erin has pointed out with Jamo, it begs the question, at least to me, has Klipsch also watered down these Mondial icons?

    And no, I have no opinion on Emotiva other than faintly recalling some threads about certain products not having the best reliability and customer service issues.       
  • I'm not completely sold on the Emotiva products.  For sure not junk but I think there is better stuff out there in the same price range.
  • And/or any thoughts on the NuForce AVP-18 A/V preamp/processor ?
  • AVP-18 isn't 4k capable.

    I use a UMC-200, it's very decent. It had a power supply issue that was repaired under warranty (5 years btw), and as a bonus Emotiva has a repair location in Canada so I didn't have to mail it across the border. When I upgrade my TV and jump on the 4k bandwagon, I'll probably get the MC-700, or if I have a bit more money to burn I'd go with the Outlaw 976 for all the balanced outputs.
    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • Back when I had a local dealer, they let me home demo a lot of different units from different manufacturers till I found the one that hit the spot.  Bought several av receivers from them for that reason, and some other stuff.  Got a good local dealer?   
  • thx for the info !  I'll check out the Outlaw 976, rca with balanced option as well- great
  • the MC-700 is on factory refurbished list, so a bit discounted...
  • Thanks for the heads up. Not much of a discount but better than nothing.
    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • ani- thx, leaning towards the balanced outs with the Outlaw...
  • Are the OUtlaw amps made by ATI?  ATI has a good reputation.  IIRC, the receivers are made in Taiwan, if that's important to you. 
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