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Mounting of 12" drivers

I just bought two 12" drivers that weigh over 20 pounds and I am a little uneasy about the best method to mount them.  I had planned to put them in the Parts Express trap cabinets but I am not sure there is enough meat there to hold them.  I thought about putting a second baffle inside the original which is only 1/2" thick.  I also thought about putting a block under the magnet but I am not sure how to get it right.  I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions you might share.  


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    I hung a 50lb Adire Tumult on 1" MDF with just drywall screws, it held just fine. Double up your 1/2" material and it'll be okay.

    If you're worried about the baffle twisting, add some bracing right around the driver cutout, like some dowels running front to back, like this, but don't bring the dowels all the way through like in this photo, screwing into end grain like that is asking for trouble.

    If I were to put any blocking to support the magnet, I'd probably just cut the block a little short like 1/16" and pack in some foam to snug up against the motor.
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  • Some woofers have mounting points on their butts. 
    With 4 of the 15" ib365 mounted in a cube manifold, 3/4" particle board backed with some 1" furring strips were sufficient.  Furring strips come in handy when you need to add overall strength or give a screw something to bite in to.  With 2 of the much larger and heavier si18" in an ib manifold, 3/4" plywood backed with 2x4 strips has worked fine.  The sheetrock surrounding the ib's, well, that's a different story.        
  • I've done the short block and foam gasket material behind the magnet.  Make sure you don't block the pole vent.  I like plywood behind MDF to give the screws something to hold into.
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  • Have loaded 5+ 13av.2's from .75" thick Baltic to 2" thick mdf horizontally, and one or two vertically from .5" thick with no issues, but appropriate screws and wood helps.
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    My favorite svrews to use...

    Woodcraft use to sell them.......
  • There are screws called 'Wall-Dog' Anchors that work great for heavy drivers such as these:
  • This is a great thread. Thank you all for sharing!
  • My thanks to everyone for your thoughts.  I feel a little more confident now.  
  • Of course the standard T/Hurricane/threaded insert and machine-screws are also highly viable.
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