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Any interest? Emotiva UMC-200

I'm looking at upgrading, just holding out to see if what I'm interested in goes on sale for Thanksgiving or Black Friday or Xmas. I'm planning on going to Outlaw 976 for 4k support and balanced outputs and probably the matching 5000x amp as well. This is all provided that some unexpected large expense doesn't come up. If there are any other suggestions for good AVR units that have fully adjustable parametric EQ I'm all ears, I am not interested in automated room correction processes of Audyssey, YPAO, etc. I know the fancy Audyssey units have a phone app that allows for some manual adjustment, but I've heard nothing but horror stories with the functionality of the app, so I want something reliable.

Just wondering if anyone would be interested in my old Emotiva UMC-200. It's a good unit, however for HDMI it doesn't have the modern 4K/HDR support, and has an issue that when left off for some time, when turned back on, the front right speaker will be set to +8, so you always have to go back to the settings and lower it, the annoying part is its the "test tones" screen to adjust the level so it has to make white noise while you adjust the level. Otherwise minty condition, and the parametric EQ while clunky to set up works very well.

Price will be relatively low, I'm thinking USD$150 plus shipping from Canada. If anyone wants to call dibs on it today, let me know.

I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.


  • just rec'd a 976 this week, haven't had a chance to 'wind it up'

  • Funny thing, last night I tried using the Bluetooth feature on my 200, it connects then 5-10 seconds it disconnects. WTF! Nothing online about this issue. So stupid. Otherwise, I like it. Never noticed the issue yours has, although I never leave it off more than a day, or a week when a vacation happens. Mine has the .47 firmware, after seeing how temperamental they are to update, I'll pass on the .52 no thanks! 😛

  • edited September 18

    I don't have a bluetooth module so can't comment on that. If your unit is otherwise functional then don't worry about updating the firmware, you're not missing anything. If it matters at all for the sale of my unit, I do have the latest ".52" firmware loaded.

    I was going to upgrade to the MC-700, but I want to go a step further, so I think it will be the Outlaw 976 and matching amp, for balanced interconnection. I think the Outlaw 976 is otherwise very similar feature set to the MC-700, a few more I/O and maybe a bit high quality electronics under the hood.

    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
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