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Get familiar with the reaction system: Introducing the Reaction System


  • Surprised by the bumpy FR. Distortion is pretty awesome, as is the waterfall.

    But Chahly - Stahkist don't want speakers that look good, Stahkist wants speakers that sound good!
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    Reading the lines, you'll find that AudioXpress doesn't test on an infinite baffle. For the frequency response, this tweeter was tested on a 10" by 6" baffle. Its not the flattest thing out there, but may not be as bad as it looks.

    They'd really benefit from setting up an infinite baffle for their FR measurements, or at least providing a diffraction model of the baffle to help interpretation of the FR. You could even subtract the baffle diffraction model from the FR to approximate an IB response.

    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • Yeah, I don't get his FR measurements sometimes. The graph on our website was taken on a 4' x 4' baffle, slightly offset from center, and besides the bump above 10kHz, is quite flat. His 2nd order distortion also measures higher than what we get, but his 3rd order is in line with our measurements.

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