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What is this?

Found this nearby... wondering if any of you can identify what this is? Looks like corian for cabinets? Looks to be a diy project--unsure of the drivers.


  • Looks like some ol FleckStone paint on it.

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    Agree on the paint based on what looks to be a chip out in the top right corner of the 2nd photo.

    Hard to say on the drivers, looks like maybe a Hiquophon tweeter though.

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  • Ah - FleckStone paint - a staple in 90's car audio builds B)

  • Kinda looks like it might be a D19 tweeter.

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  • I think the woofers are those once-ubiquitous VIFA P17s? They were pretty good, now re-released at many $$.


  • do they sound?

  • No idea... It's on craigslist in the NC mountains for $50

  • Reasonable price at least.

    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • I believe JR and Geoff are correct on the drivers , all vifa build . The tweeters were 15 bucks a piece in 2005 , the woofers were 50 bucks a piece in 2005 . So there is about 130 dollars in drivers alone in that setup.

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