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Xover parts and binding posts

One anodized black plate and set of nickel (shiny) terminals. $20 shipped
Eight pairs of satin binding posts ( BPA-38SN ) I SHOULD have all the terminal tabs. $3.50/pr

Xover parts being listed tomorrow, mostly smaller values, quite a few.


  • Crossover parts:
    dayton audio grade resistors
    1.2 x2
    3.7 x2
    10 x2
    6 x2
    25 x4
    8 x2
    1.5 x2

    Lynk 6ohm x4

    Dayton audio grade poly cap
    4.0uf x2
    .68uf x2
    20uf x2
    4.7uf x2
    10uf x2
    7.5uf x2

    Audyn Q4 33uf x2

    Clarity Cap 5.6uf x2

    NPE x2 each

    Jantzen 20awg x2 each .62
    ??? Appears 18awg, unmarked

    Appeared to be over $200 in xover parts.

    a bunch are still tied together in full crossovers, I don't have time to pull apart.

    $90 shipped.

  • Joey, I'll take all your BPA-38SN binding posts, if they are still available.

  • Sure thing Tom. I'll pm you shortly

  • Bpa's sold

  • Xover parts $75 shipped

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