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Seas H1353

Trying to plan out a backyard dream for the family and am at the audio aspect of it. The plan is to keep it clean and simple but able for SPL and interesting and this seems to be the most interesting driver I've seen. Coaxial, high power handling, clear cone (we know where this is going) and high fidelity from Seas Prestige.
Has anyone had a chance to hear/encounter this or have a thought on it from the specs? I plan on having two subwoofers for the low low.
Thanks for any insight or other options.



  • Yeah, I've wanted a pair. Rory B. had a similar pair that (I assume) Craig "K" stole from me at Fort Wayne. Outside I'd want something with more sensitivity. Pro style coax

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    Some people have given the H1333/1353 a lukewarm response, especially given their price. For example, here's Zaph's take on it (search for H1333): A possible option is to buy a pair of KEF Q150s that are going for $300/pair at Amazon right now. You could use them "as is" for the near term and when you get the itch build a better pair of cabinets. IMO the cabinets are their biggest weakness. And diyaudio has threads on improved crossovers too.

    But like John said it would depend on how much SPL you need outdoors.

  • The uni-q drivers are the same in say the 300$ Q150 and the LS50 which is around 1200$?

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    After talking about all the technical innovation, kef posts this image to show how well it integrates into the decor....

  • As John pointed out, it wouldn't hurt to check out pro audio stuff, especially if you plan on reinforcing with separate subwoofers.

    This one is particularly interesting:

    I like the 4" - the HF element has sensitivity to burn, lends itself to lots of subtractive EQ via DSP. The dip on-axis at 10K is probably not there off-axis.

    I have attempted a coax in the past, did not like the results. I know quite a bit more about why I failed now. Take a lot of off-axis measurements. A LOT. It seems that the coincident acoustic alignment would simplify things, but my experience indicates it complicates things in several ways.

    That being said, it looks like Dayton killed the 5" coaxial in their lineup, that would have been a decent choice as well. For outside use, I guess I would worry about ingress of airborne shit into the gap between the tweeter and the woofer.

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    While I'm a fan of the Celestion coaxials, I am trying the Beyma 5CX200ND/N in a new 3way I'm working on. The Beyma's tweeter has an extended horn / waveguide so not modulating off of the mid driver, as with many other designs. (@ US Speaker)

  • @ani_101 said:
    The uni-q drivers are the same in say the 300$ Q150 and the LS50 which is around 1200$?

    Very similar, but the LS50 driver is a newer generation - it has a vented tweeter and magnesium/aluminum alloy woofer while the Q150 has an aluminum woofer and the tweeter isn't listed as vented. But I think the cabinets are the biggest difference between the two.

  • The LS50 is mentioned as gen 11 and there is a LS50 Meta which is listed as gen12, but nothing on the Q150 (5") or Q350 (6.5")

  • John- I've been content with my classix II in the backyard and these would be in closer proximity to the listening area by about half the distance. Does that affect your opinion on more sensitivity? Appreciate your opinion. My backyard is only 40'x50' and would have four of these, two under the pavilion and two facing out over the pool.

    Thanks for the insight on the KEF's! Definitely a possibility and about the same cost.

    As long as the enclosures stay relatively small (under or around .5cubes) it's a possibility. Rather not be ported but will do if beneficial.
    I'll read zaph's impression but these drivers I feel tick a lot of boxes for me, just am ignorant on the coaxial mode of drivers.

    These will be run off a audyssey driven AVR.

  • I wonder what it would take to make those KEFs weather-proof?

  • You should buy what you like that's for sure. Other than decent sensitivity post baffle step, my opinions are that outside controlled directivity is good and I'd buy something I won't feel bad if they get damaged.

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • When you say outside you prefer controlled directivity, does that mean less off axis or ability to focus it somewhere, or..... And do you feel this are a good candidate for that? I was thinking a wide dispersion was a priority.

  • Yes coax tweeters and horns are examples of controlled directivity devices in speakers. The word focus is good. Some would also say constant directivity over an off axis range. You also hear taking the room out of the equation.

    I thought you were intentionally going down this path with you new HT setup? Those volt coax would work well.

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Ohhhhh. No, I scored the volts for the HT, this is for the backyard. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

  • SB16PFCR25-4
    How about this unit? Seems to hold promise.

  • I have used the smaller SB12 coax. Measurements aren't pretty with the on-axis dips, but they sound pretty good (the dips go away off axis as JR suggested). The SB16 coax has its big dip around 7 kHz, which might be more audible than the 12 kHz dip I found in the SB12.

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