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New project release - The Pura Vidas

edited November 2020 in DIY

I wanted to design and build a cool little pair of speakers to gift to our new pastor for his office. The Peerless 830870 4" poly drivers were the DOTD so I bought a pair. I already had a pair of SB Acoustics SB26STCN tweeters on the shelf so that's what I ran with. These turned out WAY better than I expected. While the bass response doesn't "do a strong 40 Hz" lol, it is quite satisfying with an F3 of 58 Hz. Honestly they sound much bigger and better than I would expect a pair of 4" woofers should sound. The crossover design is nothing special, no fancy Zobels or L-pads, but it works perfectly, mostly due to the really smooth response of both drivers. Huge surprised to me is the awesome midrange detail of these poly woofers. As always, I measure, design, and voice my speakers on stands out about 2 feet away from the front wall. So about 5-6 dB of baffle step compensation. Following are a couple of pictures, enclosure/baffle details, crossover schematic, and some box sims:



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