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audio enhacement via Dolby Voice

edited December 2020 in Related

FYI I’m a stock analyst and have been listening (and watching) company presentations remotely (as I’m sure many of us have) over ZOOM and Bluejeans. And, I just got off of a presentation by Dolby regarding their, which is their video and voice enhancement program, being offered to developers.

I’m not presenting this to promote their stock, but found this call via Bluejeans with Dolby Voice the cleanest audio I’ve experienced on an A/V conference (not yet available on Zoom, which has been quite poor quality by my experience).

Here is a test link Dolby has provided to comp > a bit to selective maybe, but interesting…


  • Interesting! I've seen a lot of amazing audio tools come about in the last decade or so. In Adobe Audition you can now pull up a spectral display and "erase" some background noises without damaging the voice-over. Now if they could do something about wind noise in lav mics.

  • Not the same thing but somewhat related - Have you looked at Nvidia RTX voice?

    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • I work for Cisco and recently we had an internal meeting (webex) showing the new noise cancelation features and the demo was freaking good. And affiliation apart, I use zoom daily for the kid's class, audio quality sucks.

  • dcibel- thx for the info on Nvidia's RTX voice

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