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New drivers at MCM Electronics

As Chuck has implied, MCM had released a series of new drivers under their MCM Audio Select brand, as well as distributing a brand called Gradient Acoustics. Not sure of the provenance of the Gradient line, but they look to be competitive with the Dayton Audio DC/DA/DS stuff. Good looking drivers, be interesting to see some real testing on them. The "distortion" graphs supplied are actually SPL + minimum phase, but still nice to see a mfr attempting to provide said data. No Xmax specs, either.

Chuck - if you are reading this, have you had any of them in-hand? Impressions?

MCM is also carrying an expanded line of Dynavox at competitive prices - maybe our main man Chuck can use his influence and help arrange a group buy at some point *hint hint*...

MCM is on board as a sponsor for IowaDIY, I am curious to see what is headed our way!
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  • I haven't had any of them yet, but will soon. In addition, MCM is working with a couple of other build houses, in the states and abroad, to expand their lines into much higher quality drivers. One of those companies is Audible Physics. I've spoken with the owner a couple of times. The drivers are top notch as is the company
    MCM is really wanting to reach out to the DIY market and to try to get some of that from PE. I have been working with them on ideas of expansion as far as product lines and driver types. This looks very promising for them and will be good competition for PE. That can only make both companies better if they allow it to be.

    MCM contacted me a few days ago with info on new aluminum cone wide range drivers and it is very possible that they will be available by Iowa DIY. They have already offered up a few pairs of these drivers to donate to our different diy events around the country. I gave them JR'S contact info for Iowa. They are sending a pair with me for KY, and I will contact the organizers for other events to get these out there.

    They know what there "reputation" has been in the past for drivers and such. They are working hard to alter that persona, and spending the time and resources to do it.

    I know this is a shameless plug for them and to some degree I apologize. I am not on their payroll but do want to see more opportunities for them and us. Any questions, let me know. I will share what I can.
  • Oh and yes, group buys are available. I also have a commercial account with them as well.
  • Have you had a chance to check out the Gradient Audio Axis drivers, Chuck? It appears they use some of the same hard parts as the Dayton Reference, but the documentation is pretty crappy - at the price point anyways. The manufacturer does not even include an Xmax figure!
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  • I have a bit yes. They won't dig real deep and the Vas is a little higher than what I was hoping for but as you said JR, at the price point, they are quite good. Geoff is working on updating the info as quickly as he can. I believe the xmax spec is available on Gradients site. I will confirm that though.
  • Just checked Gradients site. No Xmax numbers posted. I will dig into that. Hmm lots of very good graphs, but not xmax. Hmm. I will look into that.

    Audible Physics is also in the build stage of a very nice 4" driver with a 3" and 6" coming along as well. The specs I have been given so far look great. Should be here by mid September. If all works out, a pair of them will be going to Iowa.
  • I had a nice talk with MCM today about a few of the gradient drivers. They certainly aren't bass monsters, even the 12, by any means but what they do, they seem to do quite well. I have asked for a pair of the axt06 mid bass and the new ribbon tweeters (p#53-5150). A quick sim on the mid bass is looking to be about 12L tuned to 50hz.
  • Look forward to your findings.
  • If you want to send some for testing my way, I can give new version of Sound Easy a try.
  • I may take you up on that Roman. if for no other reason than to verify my findings.
  • Being a guy that likes single driver configs, I've been eyeing the full range 8" driver.

    There is a thread on it on diyAudio.
    I'm not a speaker designer, BUTT I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night...
  • That does look good. Would be cool to try a pair, but I A: lack money, B: lack space, and C: lack the need for another pair of speakers.
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  • I dunno. Every time I get excited about full ranger, I listen to it and walk away to something else. Interestingly, it's usually midrange that's muddied up by multiple paper cone modes.
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