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Another recommendation request for a sealed wave guide stand mount design for music

Given that the minds behind MAC gave me the recommendation to build the SB Acoustic Bromos - and it was a stellar one (these are still some of the best book shelf speakers I have heard) I'm looking for another few.

1. For 2 channel music not HT
2. Sealed enclosure for sub integration
3. Stand mountable
4. Want transient response/dynamics
5. Want tight bass
6. Want constant directivity
7. No harsh highs, audiophile music experience
8. Will integrate with external high pass/low pass and dial in dual M&K 70B 8" subs for low end
9. Fine with lacking of low end response in exchange for articulate high impact midbass
10. Passive crossover

Bonus Points:
2. Super unlikely but if they can fix in conventional parts express cabinets great. if not I'll build them I have the tubes now but I enjoy the finish work far more than the cutting.
3. Well documented/repeatable design that is not a one off
4. I'm okay with a small displacement TMM or MTM design if that gives more efficiency and impact and I know that will ensure custom cabinets required

DIYSG's designs are all ported and have been gone due to suppliers being unable to ship compression drivers for an age or else I'd look hard at their designs even if they are ported. I'm guessing SEOS based designs might be the way to go?




  • I would suggest Jeff Bagby's Helios speaker.

    The kit is available from Meniscus:

    If you look at the kit, it is a two way, with waveguide mounted tweeter and the 9.5" satori driver. Yes, it has a PR, but you can ditch the PR and go sealed in the same box - 35lts tunes the driver with QTS 0.7 - though, please read up on what Bagby say wrt sealed and his reason for going with the PR and then decide if you want PR or not.

    That woofer has one of the best distortion figures under 200Hz and can play 50Hz F3 sealed. Clean and Low with a Two way with the waveguided satori Be.

    Downside it is expensive, but you do get what you pay for. With this design, you can skip the subs - it's flat to 30hz, in room will take you to the 20's.

    You didn't mention budget - this is 1800$ kit.

    Measurement of the 9.5" Satori -
    Measurement of the Satori WG is not yet out, but you can see the reviews of the Satori Be to get an idea.

  • Also: Have you looked at the Apollo TM or MTM over at diysoundgroup? It uses the Wavecor TW030WA11 waveguided tweeter for CD. I heard the MTM at an Iowa DIY several years ago and was impressed. They're ported, but there's nothing stopping you from building a sealed version.

  • Yes I suppose I should have mentioned budget. I'd like to stay under 700 dollars or so for the pair - helios is off the table at that price. I am wallowing in speakers I just like to constantly try new things.

    Ed, I did look at the Apollo MTM, sold out for quite a while as are all of their HT and HTM products.

    If I built a sealed version would I have to make any crossover changes or would it just be a port plug and then on I would go?

    I'm more hoping for a real wave guide with a compression driver for that effortless sound but I'm pretty open.

  • @mccarty350 - no crossover changes would be needed to change the ported design to sealed.

    I am the king of bad jokes, but don't slap me!
  • Thank you so much!

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