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Get familiar with the reaction system: Introducing the Reaction System


  • I wish it didn't start the low end roll-off at 1500, it is obvious from the distortion plots the motor could easily handle playing lower. It might work as-is in a smaller 3-way, but I would expect some serious crossover work to happen to use it below 1K. It looks like a resonance of some sort presents at 1K anyways, so who knows. Looks solid otherwise. Makes me wish Dayton would figure out where they cocked up the soft dome RS52.

    These may end up very popular with the modification crowd.

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  • Well, that's disappointing. Not very good odd order HD. Between the two, I would definitely go with the similarly priced Morel EM1308. I had hoped for something that could be a good mid between the Purifi PTT6.5 and the Bliesma T25B. To me, at least, this doesn't look like it.

  • Morel is hard to beat in this category.

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    It would be a decent midrange if they didn't use that small "transmission line" tube chamber.

    Unfortuante that the frequency response and impedance does not match the datasheet closely. At least there is unlikely to be a concern of it not meeting the system sensitivity requirement, but some people may be disappointed in a "Satori" driver without copper in the motor.

    Here's the full review with words:

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  • If they put copper in there, it would likely exacerbate the already too-high rolloff point on the bottom end.

    The more I look at this, the more unsure I am about it.

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  • I still wonder how this driver would do with a more substantial rear chamber. I strongly suspect that either the chamber is the problem, or it needs to be that way in order to cover up the real design flaw.

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