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Gmail Ads

Just opened Gmail and the first two emails are ads. Isn't the data mining they've been doing with my personal information enough?


  • Noooo, now they want you to pay for the free email and the free photo storage... Enough is enough, too much freeloading has been going on, the shareholders have been pouring money into huge corporations who have no clue about turning a profit, time to pay up.

  • My wife said her Yahoo email started showing advertising banners in it. Mine hasn't...... yet😒

  • Data mining is a $100billion+ industry. Google's parent company is ranked #15 by Fortune 500 and earned over $7 billion in profits last year. Google knows how to turn a buck. I regularly use Gmail, Voice, very rarely Docs, and nothing else. I'm fine if they continue placing ads somewhere on the page but disguising them as emails ... not liking it.
    The end goal of any organization, even nonprofits, is to turn a profit. Yes, even nonprofits require a certain degree of financial stability in order to continue their endeavors. In the end, it is Google's product to do with as they see fit whether I like it or not. My only recourse is, of course, use another service.
    ... and I can 8itch about it.

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