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WTB (maybe) HiVi M8A

I know there were some consistency issues here and there, but I had designed a 3-way using HiVi MxA drivers many, many years ago but at the time could not afford to build it. Now I want to take a crack at it, if I can find a pair of the 8" that is.

If you have a pair, let me know.

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  • M8N is still available at PE, and the only difference I see if the frame is stamped instead of cast. Otherwise looks identical as far as what's in the datasheet.

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  • That M8N looks like a nice woofer for a 3 way (even with the stamped steel frame). The price is definitely right.

  • I guess cosmetically they are close. Hmmm.

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  • You should build a 3.5 way with 2 per side.

  • If they measure out at high Q like they seem to do, probably not.

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  • About 32 to 40 ltrs per gets down to about 30 Hz. The N was more able in 32 ltrs than the A was.

  • ok, i had to double check, but i have a quad of the MN8A NIB in my storage unit. They are yours @jr@mac , if you want them - no cost. If you are not in a hurry, would prefer to give them when we meet - they are heavy - only condition - take all 4!

    Had got them for replicating Ben's project with the TB 6.5 Sandwich mid and the dayton AMT. Don't think i'll be getting to them anytime soon - they have been sitting for a couple of years now - got them just before they went NLA.

  • Check your PM, Ani.

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  • Funny thing that- I haven't built my Seligo project either. I'm waffling with changing woofers though.

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