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Composite decking for enclosures or baffles

I've see all kinds of material comparisons between MDF and Plywood. Has anyone tried composite decking? (Hint Hint to Brandon).
I've got some scraps and wondered about trying it out, but I'm not going to be able to do any scientific measuring to confirm the results.

I see it's as dense/slightly denser than MDF at 60 pounds per cubic foot. It cuts/machines nicely in my CNC for sign making, and it comes in 1" thickness if you want extra thick baffles.

MSDS lists it as:

used thermoplastics and waste wood. Plastic obtained primarily from reclaimed/recycled grocery
bags and stretch film; wood fiber is typically obtained from furniture makers and/or waste pallets.
Standard product is approximately 40% - 50% thermoplastic and 50% - 60% wood fiber

so I guess we are mostly substituting polyethylene plastic for urea-formaldehyde resin as the binder, and we have a bit less wood, with bigger particles.


  • How would you finish it? Automotive paint with flex agent?

  • Depends, the natural "wood finish" might be acceptable. The composite decking has come a long way in looks. Otherwise, I considered tyring contact cement and veneer, or possibly thin aluminum veneer and buff interesting patterns in it.

  • 1/4" sheet of oak/poplar/maple glued to it.

  • Almost everything I have seen has not been truely solid. Internally there always seems to be a lot of bubbles. I have also seen some move in ways that would suprise you. Inconsistancy and instability would scare me off.
    There is no reason not to try it, just be aware like all things in life there will be compromise.

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