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JBass 212x5 Bass guitar cabinet

A good friend and darn good bass player asked me to create a bass rig for him. The commercial offerings were just out of reach financially. Having 6 kids (2 sets of twins) ranging in age from 16 to 10 will have that effect lol. Anyway, we have been going back and forth for awhile on just what he wanted/needed. In the end, we came back to my original concept.
Now I don't play an instrument and for sure can't sing. Hence why I build speakers! As this was a new realm, I dug in to learn what was needed and establish goals. What I found commercially for the most part, sucked. Bass guitar can actually reach 8k! I never would have thought that and apparently manufacturers don't either! Knowing that any larger driver is going to experience significant cone breakup and rising distortion well before that 8k mark, I set out to find a solution. On my shelf were a pr of Eminence PRO5MRN-8 s and the enclosure for them. I had thought about using these in a nice 3way build at some point but well, there they sat.... Partly due to budget, I decided to use the Eminence S2012 woofers. Simple design employing a neo slug and stamped steel basket. The mids magnet is actually bigger!
For a bass rig, this is not exactly on the small side (about 6cu) but the neo slugs, 3/4"ply construction and minimal bracing makes it pretty light weight overall. The enclosure measures in at 31.5w 24h 17.75d. The baffle is inset 1.25" to account for the preformed mesh grill. The twin 4" ports provide an Fb of 40 and and f3 of 50. This is low enough for a 4 string bass and probably at the limit for a 5 string.
For FR measurements I placed the cabinet on the floor, firing up and placed the mic 1m above, centered on the cabinet. I did not bother with the acoustic offset for this build. Just sweeps of the drivers and impedance profiles. The crossover point came in right at 2k. Second order filters, damped on the woofers were more than sufficient to do the job. As the cabinet will be sitting on the floor, no BSC was applied. No the response isn't the smoothest but for its intended purpose, its great! Playing some Marcus Miller (just seemed appropriate lol) definitely made me smile!



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