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Just build Faital 3WC-15 Troels Gravesen kit for the customer
Just finished the build and gave it a 2 day listening.
My biggest interest was in listening to Satori TW29BN-B beryllium tweeter. Not sure what I was expecting from it but the tweeter sounded clean and neutral. There was nothing I could criticize or comment on. Just a nice clean top end. I have no point of reference as far as other beryllium tweeters go.

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    So what did you think of the overall speaker? I have seen lots of Troel's designs, but have never heard one. Would you change anything?

  • In order to be able to form an opinion on merits of the design I would need to start from scratch and design my own version or interpretation of this set of drivers. Or at list do in depth measurements of the drivers. I simply didn't have time to do that.
    The design targets low/mid power amp crowd and it is certainly successful at that. Drivers blend in seamlessly,
    speakers image well. So, I would say it's a good design.
    I use 18" Faital driver in my own line array system and very familiar with the sound. The mid after the crossover is pretty nice. No complains about the tweeter either. Maaaay be I would push the crossover point a bit lower between the tweet and a mid just because the tweeter is so robust and it's a largish mid-range driver but it's only a speculation.
    The kit is supplied by Jansen audio and naturally very heavily oriented towards high-end high-priced Jansen crossover parts.
    Assemble instructions for the crossover are pretty clear. There are slight changes to the driver sizes, port sizes from posted. I had to lay out my own CAD drawing and manufacture based on actual dimensions.
    The speakers are still too small for me as I prefer line arrays and their vertical imaging.

  • Wow! Too small? Now I really must hear your arrays sometime!
    Outside of that, I'll bet the dynamic range was pretty good.

    What's the finish? Minwax ebony on baltic birch?

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  • "Too small" refers to the type of the imaging not so much to the sheer size of the speaker. My line array has a 6ft line of mids and 5ft line of tweeters so the image is exaggerated vertically in comparison to a point source (or point sorceish) loudspeaker. To my preference, this larger vertical image makes it more life like. You are welcome to stop in and listen if an then in NY.
    Outside of that, yes, dynamic range is excellent. Easy to drive.
    Baltic Birch with alcohol stain and sprayed satin lacquer.

  • re: imaging. Yeah, that's what I thought. Going through an apotheosis now about point source loudspeakers. I want more life like dynamics and imaging. More "you are there". The best I've heard was a pair of Magneplanars, but those had a very small sweet spot - not suitable for me.

    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
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    Those look great! So that is an 18" woofer? Wow! Where does that place the tweeter's height? Still below ear level I assume.

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    Tweeter should be just right in that orientation, about 3ft off the ground.

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  • That's a 15" woofer. Sorry, I meant 18" in my line array bass section.
    Tweeter is about at the ear level then you seat in the armchair.
    I've owned a pair of Magnepans 3.5R for many years. It was a weird speaker. I never wanted to let it go but it was always problematic in how the sound-stage appeared.

  • That's "Alice"?

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  • Kinda hard to compare a 3way to that madness. 👍🏻

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    'Baltic Birch with alcohol stain and sprayed satin lacquer'

    Q: did you use a pre-stain? I really like that finish look- and thanks in advance for any tips...

  • ....and what's with not flushing the mid?

  • @tajanes said:
    'Baltic Birch with alcohol stain and sprayed satin lacquer'

    Q: did you use a pre-stain? I really like that finish look- and thanks in advance for any tips...

    No pre-stain. Just alcohol stain thinned out with denaturated alcohol and some water. Plywood was sanded to 220 grit. Staining was done with cheese cloth.

  • Hello ! I came across your making looking for someone who made the Faital 3WC-15 speakers.I really like how you made the final design.I believe that the inside of the box is also made at a high level.I have the opportunity to buy a set of speakers for this project from a man who gave up making whether he bought ready-made speakers from another company.I would be very grateful if we could help with some technical questions.If you have the ability and will to do so, please contact me at:

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