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Beating a Dead Horse - The XT25 on a Waveguide

edited February 2021 in Hard Data

Looking forward to using this old classic in a nice little 2-way bookshelf, mounted on a Visaton WG148R waveguide. A DIYAudio user was kind enough to share his 3D printable model of an adapter that can fit XT25, DX25 and the Scan Speak variants to a WG148 without any modification, just take the factory face plate off and screw on the adapter plate.

It's been done before, and I'm sure you can expect what the result is, but I figured while I have the opportunity I'd take some of my own measurements comparing the XT25 with factory face plate to the waveguide installation. This is the old original Vifa XT25TG30 tested here.

I cut holes in a scrap board at the same distance from the edge, so I could simply flip the board over for comparative measurements and keep the same diffraction profile. It was cold out so I worked quickly, managing to make a hole a bit too small for the waveguide. Instead of going outside again to recut, I just hacked away at the hole with a chisel to make it fit, then taped over the gap.

Measured at 1m, measurements include same gating, baffle location, etc. Same same just board flipped over.

Factory face plate, normalized line chart.

Factory face plate, normalized polar map.

Waveguide, normalized line chart.

Waveguide, normalized polar map.

Factory face plate, raw response line chart.

Factory face plate, raw response polar map.

Waveguide, raw response line chart.

Waveguide, raw response polar map.

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