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Crossover help

I am embarrassed on two counts, one that I have asked a few times for this and another project and haven't had a chance to finish the other, and two, that I can't recall who it was, and I apologize for that.

I'm ready to get this one project done and functional and it just needs to be measured and a (hopefully) simple crossover for a mono BT radio. I'll send it out asap and compensate, just let me know if you are willing. Not overly concerned on shipping, but I'm in Hampton, VA, 23666.



  • What driver did you use and what are the baffle dimensions? Someone might be able to use that info to get you close enough.

  • Thanks Ken. It's an unknown woofer based off the nd140 I believe, and then a nd28 tweeter, ~6" wide baffle by 10" tall.

  • If the rest of the community is willing to help with the crossover I can measure the FR and have DATS. I'm certain I have enough components to build the crossover as well.

  • Thanks so much! Just let me know what's needed and I'm in.

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