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Amo can port question.

Full range driver modeled off of dats specs. Measurements match the modeling on the sealed simulation so I expect that the ported would be close as well (cone excursion is within limits to 10 watts). Should I port it or not? Thanks


  • What does your ported sim look like if you stuff the box (Qa ~ 5)?

  • I'd port. To much energy at 60 Hz to be ignored. Only q is how the box combines with the FR. 4 dB at 130 looks OK and reminds me of the Tectonic 3.5 which sounded good ported.

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • I'm with the above comments, port it and adjust the fill, or possibly restrict the port slightly. My point is with the port you have adjustability, including blocking the port altogether. Most importantly listen to it, and then adjust as necessary.

  • Seems like porting is the best bet. Depending on the size of the driver, guessing small, not much to be had below 50Hz, so the added gain above is worth it.

  • Jhollander for the win!!!
    Looks like I will be cutting port holes tonight. Thanks everyone.

  • measurements with the port. Not too bad for no filter. Let me know if anyone has any ideas on how to make improvements.

  • I wouldn't mess with that booger. Sometimes you can stick a full range drive in a box and it measures and sounds flat.

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  • It does have more bottom end than it did before. Glad that I listened to that sound advice. :)

  • edited March 29

    Looks good! I generally favor sealed or OB bass but sometimes a port is the best solution.

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