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10 Inch sub /suggestions

Hi looking to build a good 10 inch sub. Just wondering what drivers are good for 2.1 stereo with out breaking the bank. Down sizing from 15 inch dayton, Yeah married sucks for audioholics. Would have to be efficent as it's a 200 watt plate amp. Needs to work well in a front sloted port design without a huge box. Any suggestions?


  • Hi wolf, 200 to 300.00 I like what some people call a wet bass or a live sounding bass.

  • There are a lot of great 10" drivers in that price range, but the efficiency is going to be dictated by your chosen box size so I wouldn't let that number influence your decision. Depending on how small you're planning on going, a slot port could be problematic as well. I think a reg'lar ol' sealed box or passive radiator loading may be your best bet. Wolf's bandpass PR sub (I forget the name) maximizes a lot of what is possible in a small space.

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    Lots of great 10s, look as CSS for one example.

  • The CSS 10 sub would be my high-end choice for a 10 inch, but the Dayton UM10 would fit your budget and size preferences.

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    "efficient" and small box do not go hand it hand.

    Peerless SDF-250F75PR01-06 is a good option in my mind (USD$132 through Digikey), as is CSS SDX10. Dayton RSS265 are still a great value as well.

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    Peerless SDF250 -> 40L cabinet tuned to 30Hz
    Dayton RSS265HF-4 -> 45L cabinet tuned to 25Hz
    CSS SDX10 -> 40L tuned to 25Hz

    Ultimax UM10 - yep deep bass in a small box, but you're going to want to throw at least 2x the power at it to meet the SPL of the above options. As far as output per watt goes, the 6 ohm peerless takes the lead, but only slightly over the Dayton and CSS drivers. You'll end up with about the same max SPL for a given amplifier, so don't worry too much about the fact that the peerless is a 6 ohm driver and the rest are 4 ohm.

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  • Overdrive10:

    Make sure if this is your endgame to build what is pictured in post #16. Dimensions are correct.

  • Well I wanted to keep the amp it's a hafler sub amp, and I'm running biamped hafler dh 500 and hafler 9180 amp dh 100 preamp modified and hafler eq with a rega turntable. So keeping the amp is a big consideration. so it needs to be efficent. I thought a front slot would be good.I a velodyne 10 inch sub and it seems to blend in nicley. The room is 18 x24 so a fair sized room with a lot of glass and hard wood floor. so it's quite bright and I figured if Ibuilt the tarkus and upgraded the 10 inch sub I could have loads of bass to compensate.

  • Well the peerless and the css look very interesting for this.High sensitivity and smaller cabinet. And using a pr in a sub incloser is different. I have an older pair of psb's with a pr in them always liked them, But that's what I plan to replace with the Tarkus. Any one out there used a css in a pr cabinet?

  • Oh wolf I missed something with a quick read on your link got it now um8-22

  • ops um 10 lol

  • Wolf wold I need 500 watts to drive that ?

  • Boost at freq stated is required unless room loaded, but I'm only using gain to 12 noon. The boost of +6dB is what requires the power. I would wager at least 300W required and the 500-6 for home theater.

  • Small size, efficient, low cut off, pick two, it's the iron law.

  • Yeah I don't do ht, just 2.1.And I don't need to get super low, Just wan't that nice bass. Youknow so a piano sounds like a real piano, or a bass drum has a solid thump.

  • I will second dcibel's suggestion of the Peerless SDF250. I won one as a door prize in Iowa a couple years ago. In a box close to his suggestion it completely rocked our 15 x 25 living room, rattling the large picture windows with only a Bash 300 watt plate amp. I am going to build a different box and put it in the trunk of my car. Don't know when that will happen.

  • The Overdrive is pretty musical too. I have used it 2.1, so YMMV.

  • Well that would keep the price down and the enclosure is resonable. Not familiar with his project as to dimensions,I guess it's posted some where here.Two well actually three good sugesstions to ponder, First up is the floor standers then upgrade the sub. Thanks for the responses

  • The SDF250 is a solid driver, but I've not heard one yet.

  • I currently have 4 RSS265hf, 2 per side tuned to 22hz in a music only system and I would say that they are a good sounding driver, but with four, they aren't working hard, so take my opinion for what it is.

  • How would you compare the 265 to the 225? When they hit xmax, do they suffer the same fate as the 225? Upper freq. limit?

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    The good old of Peerless XLS 10”, reborn a decade ago as a Scan-Speak 26W/4558T, still has unbeatable non-linear distortion of 10” woofers. At least at 94dB@1m, and compared to the CSS, slight less less excursion with “Only” 12.5mm Klippel verified x-Max.

    Works in a 1cu foot enclosure, sealed is F3 40Hz, or get more output by adding a passive radiator, and use parametric EQ/DSP to flatten your in-room response.

    The Peerless SDF has a bit more excursion, and now comes in 12” and 15” models. Looks like 12” is the sweet spot, with 21.9mm xmax according physical specs , but not Klippel verified, and I haven’t yet seen distortion measurements on it.

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