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MiniDSP inverts output polarity with USB input?

edited March 20 in Hard Data

I just find this appalling. Apparently the analog input is faithful, but the USB is not?

I'm obviously not up on the gear as I don't own one, but this would really upset me had I been using one.


  • Seems like an oversight, someone obviously wasn't paying attention.

  • edited March 20

    2x4HD specifically being discussed here. Can you even use the RCA and USB input simultaneously? I think not. So the entire processing chain is inverted, no different than many amplifiers, so what's the audible error? Oversight maybe, hardly appalling IMO. I would hope that anyone using these products is in combination with acoustic measurements, so just use the invert button in the DSP program as necessary.

    At least miniDSP can calculate a text book filter transfer function properly (looking at you, Dayton).

    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • You can only use one input at a time with the 2x4HD.


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