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Almost time...

So I have been distracted over the last year by moving, destroying a knee and subsequent (ongoing rehab), and lately - building my basement bar and finally cleaning/organizing the garage.

Well, the bar needs a coat of paint and some wainscot (wife will paint, I will build wainscot) and the garage is 90% there.

That means I am finally going to embark on another build or two!

I think I will start with a small tower just to burn up a couple pairs of drivers, and then a medium bookshelf with the same goal. Both using PE flatpacks.

Then the fun stuff - 8" 2/3 ways, dual driver powered subwoofers, and a couple high end monitors.

I'll be stopping by the hardware store and loading up on some supplies!

Anyways, back to work!

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  • Welcome back!
    I didn't know PE had small tower flat packs!

    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
  • 8 inch 2-way is on my list as well. Drivers are purchased just trying to decide how to make it interesting.

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • I purchased the same tower pack for the Nephila build back in 2014, so they've had them awhile now.

  • I am doing couple of designs. One with GRT-145W8 and Satori woofer. Will publish schematics then ready.
    Got a roll of MLV. Man it's heavy@!

  • @Wolf said:

    Mass Loaded Vinyl - I think

    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
  • Mass loaded vinyl

  • Design one. This one is largely done with preliminary design work, and I will cut tonight and/or tomorrow:

    8" TMW
    HiVi M8A
    HiVi M5A
    Peerless/Tymphany/Vifa/Whafuckever XT19.

    All three drivers are NLA from PE, the XT19 might still be produced - I don't know. It is a sweet tweeter.

    These are for the kid and her boyfriend - they are planning on moving in together this summer. I'll provide them with an amp of some kind, as well. I plan on measuring and voicing them against the wall, while using the small amp I will be giving them.

    Current goals are to hit ~2nd order LR at 400 and 2500. I will likely have to throw a metric fuckton of components at it to make that happen, lucky for me I have like 11 metric fucktons of components.

    Sealed since HiVi had some issues with these 8" M drivers. Have not measured any of them yet, but Ani kindly gifted me a quad, so I think I should be able to find two that are close to each other. If they measure close to advertised, I will go ahead and port them.

    Anyways, simple concept drawing:

    They will be sculpted facets, midrange chamber will be 6" PVC tube.

    Here's to kicking the kid out!

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  • Ah, yes - will be constructed of 1/2" birch ply. No more 90lb speakers for me. Well braced, will experiment with the KEF approach of not rigidly mounting the bracing. A layer of vinyl will round it out, and of course a big pile of fluffy shit if they end up sealed.

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  • So, about the sculpted facets - are you going to use a very thick baffle, or something more complex? and how are you planning to cut the facets?

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  • What I typically do is lay a 1-2" thick piece of material in the top front corners, then cut them with either a circular saw or a jigsaw with a long blade. I will attach the fence to face of the cabinet with a couple brad nails, set the saw to the appropriate angle and make dust.

    Imagine you are looking down through the top of the speaker:

    This has served me pretty well over the years.

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  • I plan on making three passes per facet, then using 60 grit to sculpt it out.

    Here is the drawing I made to make sure I would have enough material in the corners, in this case the 2" x 2" is more than adequate:

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  • Cool project, have you measured the xt19's, I had 2 out of 4 measure goofy.

  • Thanks! I'll have to try that. Making the whole baffle 2 inches thick results in a very heavy cabinet

    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
  • When I built the Tiny Tym, both of mine were spot on. Have not measured this current pair, however. I'm curious now.

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  • @rjj45 said:
    Thanks! I'll have to try that. Making the whole baffle 2 inches thick results in a very heavy cabinet

    Yeah, my first attempt at facets I did a thickass baffle and realized it was not needed.

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  • “Peerless/Tymphany/Vifa/Whafuckever XT19.”

    Out of the options listed I recommend the Whafuckever version of the XT19, my personal preference! B)

  • "Whafuckever" is what I said when they measured badly.

  • I'll definitely publish my findings.

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  • Got two flat packs assembled today.

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